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Oprah's "The Life You Want Weekend" 


The inimitable Oprah planned a series of weekend events with eight stops across North America.  The event was titled "Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend" and included a brilliant one woman performance on Friday night and an all day 'workshop' on Saturday with guests including Depak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Mark Nepo, Iyanla Vanzant, and Rob Bell.  We were tasked with designing and providing an immersive stage, lighting and video package in keeping with the nature of her iconic talent.  The stage featured a 70' wide x 54' deep primary deck with a 9' tall, curved balcony spanning the entire width, a beautiful curving staircase, an elevator, and full width, bi-parting LED wall.  A 36' wide x 24' deep "B-Stage" was linked to the primary deck by a curved runway.  All stage surfaces were custom finished and included integrated linear LED and foot lights.  The upstage video projection screen was a massive 82' wide by 36' tall surface and covered in an enormous curvilinear physical mask.  Four triple stacks of 26k projectors in profile configuration illuminated the surface.  In the center of the arena we flew a 40' diameter structure with four curved LED displays and a 'ceiling' fabric tension structure.  Lighting included custom spot light locations to accommodate consistent angles, light levels and color temperatures for the talent.  LED wristbands were used to create spectacular star field effects and the illusion of a sunrise sweeping through the audience.  The overall production trimmed at 70' high to allow for clear site lines for our guests to all areas of the stage from any point in the arena.  We included eight social media inputs that could be routed to any display in the system for facebook, twitter, and instagram feeds for direct interaction between talent and audience. Thank you to our partners on this event:  Upstaging (lighting), CTS (audio), VER (video), TAIT (staging), Atomic Design (the giant video screen mask wall), Transformit (center ceiling structure), Georgia Stage (softgoods), Rosebrand (the giant video projection screen), Stage Call (transportation), Geodesik (video integration), PixMob (led bracelets) as well as our own production team for handling logistics, social media integration, event management and show direction.  

photos: Kristen Parker

Friday Night 1
Friday Night 2
Friday Night 3
Friday Night 4
Saturday 1
Saturday 2
Saturday 3
Saturday 4
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