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GO LIVE PRODUCTIONS is a Nashville-based production company specializing in providing our clients with an unparalleled live event experience.​ We do this by becoming an integral partner for the events produced, utilizing the right team of talented and dedicated individuals working with equipment specifically tailored for your particular project.  Our skills sets are varied and we can bring any or all of them to bear for your project.  

Our Services
Handling all the production related aspects of your event is the core of what we do.  We love to handle everything from initial design concepts and budgeting, through the fabrication and vendor selection process, to providing the best possible managers and technicians for your particular event to provide you with an unparalleled live event experience.
We do all of our computer drafting and rendering in-house.  We can provide detailed 2D and isometric drawings, 3D models and photo-realistic renderings of any project.  
We have been involved in production design for over thirty years for projects around the globe.  From the most simple bus/trailer tours, ballroom extravaganzas, corporate events, church environments, to the largest arena touring events, we have done it all.  
We started a backline rental division simply to cover the projects we were producing.  Over time we have begun sharing those capabilities directly to clients desiring musical instrument rentals.  We do it well and with the same attention to detail that we use for our production projects.  
Some of our friends......
Our proprietary Edgelight linear lighting solution is quickly becoming a go-to product for designers.  It does what no other product can do.  Find out more at
Managing the large and small details of a major event is a chore unto itself.  Vehicle logistics, fencing and barricade locations, security positioning, production details, permitting and getting it all put together in manageable documents are all well within our multiple skill-sets.  
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