KLOVE Fan Awards 


For the third year in a row, John Sanders, LLC asked Go Live Productions to produce the annual KLOVE Fan Awards.  Logistics are a massive challenge for this event as we not only had to get 20 artists on and off stage for performances in a timely manner, we had to factor in sound checks, rehearsals,  production load-in and tech time around the existing Grand Ole Opry schedule.  This required all sound checks to occur in another location with the exact gear that was to be used for the show.  Production load-in started on Wednesday after the Opry performance the night before and had to be completed, and then loaded back out by noon on Friday to accommodate the Opry's Friday and Saturday night performances.  Once the Opry was completed on Saturday night, all the production elements for the Awards were loaded back in.  Sunday morning all audio, backline and stage gear was rolled into place from the rehearsal facility and dress rehearsal commenced shortly thereafter to be ready for the Sunday evening performance.  We are extremely proud of the work we did on this event and the results were evident. 

photos: Kristen Parker